Monday, March 28, 2011

Moss Letters

Image from Pottery Barn
Image from dear lillie

What you'll need:
Wooden craft letters (I used 6" letters)
Reindeer moss
Hot glue gun + glue
Total project cost for 6 letters: $11

Using a got glue gun, glue the moss to the front and sides of the letter. I suggest doing one small section at a time, so the hot glue doesn't harden before you have a chance to stick the moss on. For six 6" letters, I used one 4 oz bag of moss. The moss tears easily and is very pliable, so it's not difficult to fit it to the shape of the letter. However, to help define small curves, I found it helpful to wrap the moss around to the back of the letter and secure with a drop of hot glue.


  1. Adorable! Where'd you find the moss?

  2. The Letters look so cool with the grass, i think i should try them out in my room ;)

  3. at Hobby Lobby in the floral section