Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seed Paper Flowers

I wanted to make something special for friends and family who visited us after the baby was born. I decided to make plantable seed paper cards, and came across a tutorial for seed paper flowers when looking for ideas.

I already had a couple packets of wildflower seeds and picked up another on a trip to Wildseed Farms. (We took a baby-moon to Fredericksburg for a weekend in May). To make 14 flowers I used two packets of seeds.

Along with each flower I included a card with a special message and planting instructions.

The front of each card reads "Our little girl has finally sprouted!" and on the back are the planting instructions. The flowers and seeds are glued together with a flour paste, but I used hot glue to attach the flower to the card. The hot glue peels off pretty easily so you can remove the flower and plant it.

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