Friday, June 1, 2012

Closet Divider Tutorial

For each closet divider you will need:

Two 4 3/4" x 6" pieces of fabric
One 3 1/2" x 5" piece of firm/extra-firm interfacing
One curtain ring clip (large enough to fit around closet rod)
One 1/2" wide strip of fabric (length depends on size of curtain ring clip)

Other supplies:

Fabric turner
Embroidery floss
Embroidery needle
Embroidery hoop
Carbon paper
Fabric glue
Marking pen

I created 8 closet dividers in the following sizes: Newborn, 0-3 m, 3-6 m, 6-9 m, 9-12 m, 18 m, 24 m, and 2t. The finished size of each divider is 3 1/2" x 5".

You can freehand the sizes onto your fabric with a marking pen before embroidering. I chose to print the sizes on a piece of paper first so I could trace them. Pin the paper template onto the right side of your fabric. I positioned mine about 3/4" in from the sides and top. Slip a piece of carbon paper in between the paper and fabric, and using a retracted mechanical pencil or pen, trace the template onto your fabric. Hand embroider- I used a backstitch.

Once you have embroidered the sizes onto the fabric you're ready to start sewing. Pin your two pieces of fabric right sides together and sew 1/2" in from the edge, leaving the bottom edge open. Clip the corners and trim excess fabric from the edges. Turn right side out and press.

Fold the interfacing slightly and insert into the opening at the bottom of your fabric. Make sure it is neatly tucked inside, then topstitch 1/4" around all four edges.

To make the curtain ring clips, simply wrap your 1/2" wide strip of fabric around the ring, overlapping the fabric slightly each time you go around. Secure with fabric glue at the start and end of the strip.

Attach your curtain ring clip to the top of your divider and it's ready to hang!

I'm going to need more hangers!

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