Thursday, May 29, 2014

$26 Folding Floor Cushion

The idea of a folding floor cushion for kids is nothing new; I've seen several variations of this project online. However I still wanted to share because I think it's such a great project. To make my cushion, I loosely followed this tutorial by you and mie.

Materials and cost:
4 extra firm pillows: $24
1 full sized bed sheet or approximately 2 yards of fabric. I got a vintage sheet from the thrift store for about $1.
8 5/8" or larger buttons: $1

Total cost: $26

I made a few minor changes. Since my fabric was fairly thin, I ironed light-weight interfacing into both hems along the long side of the cushion cover, where the buttons would go.

It fits perfectly on the floor of Vera's closet, making a comfy place for some quiet reading. One of the best things about this cushion is all the different ways you can fold it. It would also make a great floor cushion for movie night.

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  1. Wow, I love it! Great fabric to!