Monday, April 28, 2014

12" Baby Doll Dress and Bloomers- Free Pattern!

Vera's baby doll was in need of a new outfit, so I made her a dress and set of bloomers. When Vera woke up from her nap, I proudly showed her baby doll's new attire to her. "Vera, look what Mommy made for your baby!" to which she replied "Noooo!"and immediately removed the new dress and tried to put the old worn-out outfit back on. That girl does not like change. Fortunately, she warmed up to the new clothes after a few days and now loves dressing and undressing her doll.

This pattern was made to fit a 12" Waterbabies Doll but will fit most 12" dolls with a few minor modifications. I won't be providing a step-by-step tutorial with this pattern, but have included a few helpful tips. To get the pattern, simply right-click on the images below and save. Print at full scale.


  1. Great job! And you even used the same material as the old dress! Looove!!!

  2. would be nice to actually have the directions

    1. Hi,
      The basics of garment construction apply to this pattern, just at a smaller scale. I just provided tips and a scaled down pattern, for those not wanting to draft their own, but the same principals apply as would for child or adult size clothing. Hope that helps!